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Meta Verified: Improve your online presence

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri mentioned in a Reel that Meta sees these premium subscriptions with exclusive features as a widespread trend in the industry. He mentioned YouTube, Reddit and Discord as other social platforms with premium subscription plans.

In today's digital world, having a solid online presence is essential for any business or brand. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a key strategy for improving online visibility.

But what if there was a way to make your content stand out in search results and generate instant trust among users? That's where the power of Meta Verified comes in. In this article, we'll explore what Meta Verified is and how it can benefit your online business.

What is Meta Verified?

Meta Verified is a subscription package for creators on Instagram and Facebook. It includes:

  • Account verification (including blue verification badge)

  • Account spoofing protection

  • Exclusive stickers

  • Extended reach

  • Access to support agents

Meta Verified is a search engine feature that allows brands and websites to validate their identity and authenticity. It is a way to highlight your content in search results by displaying a special badge indicating that your site has been verified. This badge helps build trust among users and provides them with the assurance that they are interacting with a trusted source.

A subscription to Meta Verified costs $14.99 per month when you sign up on iOS and Android. Or, you can pay $11.99 per month when signing up via the web (this option is only available for Facebook).

For now, Meta Verified is only available to individuals, not brands.

In contrast, the original verified badges on Instagram and Facebook were and still are specifically available for public figures, celebrities and brands. These types of accounts can still request the original style of verification if they are notable (e.g., if they appear in news stories or are recognized by everyone).

The Meta Verified badge and the verified badge for notable accounts look the same. Both have the familiar blue verification mark. Both types of verification indicate that the account has gone through a verification process.

However, the original style of verification badge (which is free) does not include the additional benefits that are included in the Meta Verified package. A person who has the original style of verification as a notable profile can apply for Meta Verified to access the other components of the subscription.

The short version is that there are now two ways to get verification badges on Facebook and Instagram:

  • If you are a celebrity, public figure or recognized brand, you can apply for a verification badge on Instagram or Facebook.

  • If you are an individual, you can request Meta Verified once it becomes available in your area.

So what about social networks that charge for verification?

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri mentioned in a Reel that Meta sees these premium subscriptions with exclusive features as a widespread trend in the industry. He mentioned YouTube, Reddit and Discord as other social platforms with premium subscription plans.

When Meta Verified launched in late February, it was only available in Australia and New Zealand. Adam Mosseri said the program would "hopefully quickly" expand to other countries, including the United States. And it looks like things are going according to plan.

Less than a month later, on March 17, Mosseri announced on his Instagram feed that Meta Verified is available in the United States.

Similarly, it looks like the program will eventually expand to all accounts, rather than being limited to individuals. Meta for Creators' announcement about Meta Verified reads:

"In the long term, we want to build a subscription offering that is valuable to everyone, including creators, businesses and our community at large."

Who can get Meta Verified?

The requirements to apply for Meta Verified are as follows:

  • Your account must represent a real person, not a company or brand.

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.

  • You must reside in Australia, New Zealand or the United States.

  • You must not violate the Terms of Use or Community Guidelines on Instagram, or the Terms of Service or Community Standards on Facebook.

  • Your profile must use your full real name, which must match the name on your government-issued ID.

  • Your profile photo must show your face, which must match the photo on your government-issued ID.

  • You must enable two-factor authentication.

  • You must have a previous posting history (i.e., you cannot apply for a brand new account).

  • You can join the waiting list to be notified when Meta Verified is available in your region.

Benefits of becoming Meta Verified

Remember that Meta promotes Meta Verified as a subscription package, not just a verification plan. So what are the components of the package that you get for that monthly subscription fee?

Verified Badge

As the name implies, Meta Verified includes a verification process. After verifying your government ID to confirm your identity, Meta will provide you with a verified badge.

This badge looks exactly like the verification badge given to "notable" accounts.

Phishing Protection

Meta Verified includes "proactive account monitoring to detect impersonators who might target people with growing online audiences."

Meta has not specified how this works, but we can politely assume that they will use their extensive artificial intelligence resources in this regard.

Regarding its existing efforts to combat fake accounts on Facebook and Instagram, Meta says:

"Our investments in machine learning technology are critical to help us detect faster ... We balance machine learning with a trained team of experts who review and take action on content that violates the rules."

These resources will likely also be applied to Meta Verified's proactive account monitoring plan.

Access to support agents

Yes, you will have access to real human support agents, who offer live chat support. Meta says this account support will address "the most common issues."

Requests for access to customer support are a constant theme in comments left on Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg's posts. For the creators, this could make a difference.

Stickers and stars

Meta Verified users have access to exclusive stickers for Stories on Facebook and Instagram. There are also exclusive Reels stickers on Facebook.

On Facebook, you also receive 100 stars each month to "support other creators." For every star you send to another creator, Facebook pays them $0.01USD.

Expanded reach

It's not yet clear in detail, but Meta says that participants in the Meta Verified program will gain increased "visibility and prominence" in Facebook and Instagram comments, searches, recommendations and suggested accounts.

They specify that this expanded reach will make the biggest difference for those who don't yet have a large following, noting:

"Subscribers with a smaller following may see a more noticeable impact on their reach, as their audiences are smaller."

To benefit from expanded reach, your content still needs to meet referral guidelines. It's also a good idea to understand Facebook's algorithm and Instagram's algorithm to maximize your reach.

Meta Verified represents an exciting opportunity for creators on Instagram and Facebook. This subscription program offers a number of exclusive benefits, including account verification, impersonation protection, access to human support agents, and special features such as stickers and stars. In addition, Meta Verified participants can enjoy increased reach and visibility on social media platforms.

Although initially available only to individuals and with certain requirements, Meta Verified is expected to expand in the future to include brands and companies. This provides an opportunity to gain recognition and stand out in the digital world.

The introduction of Meta Verified reflects a trend in the social media industry, where more and more platforms are implementing premium subscriptions to offer exclusive features and benefits to their users. Meta has recognized this demand and has decided to provide creators with the opportunity to gain verification and access to additional features through this program.

Ultimately, Meta Verified represents an exciting way for creators to increase their presence and connect with their audience more effectively. As the program expands globally, we look forward to seeing creators take full advantage of this opportunity to develop their personal brand and achieve success on Meta's platforms.

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