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LG renews its brand identity to connect with new generations and technologies

LG focuses on the core values of three concepts: «Uncompromising Customer Experience», «Human-centered Innovation» and «Warmth to Power a Smile»

LG, the renowned South Korean company, has unveiled its exciting brand identity revamp to adapt to new generations and technologies. Aiming to update its status as an iconic brand, LG has shared new brand guidelines that focus on meeting the needs of all types of consumers, including the Z generation. In this article, we will explore the key changes to LG's brand identity, along with its core values and commitment to human-centered innovation.

A renovation that covers all consumers

LG's new brand guidelines demonstrate a strategic direction to connect with all types of consumers, especially the Z generation. This refresh reinforces LG's status as an iconic brand and reiterates its commitment to uncompromising customer satisfaction, human-centered innovation and warmth to drive a smile. These core values guide the company in its mission to deliver products and services that improve people's quality of life.

The "Life's Good" slogan

The brand's tagline, "Life's Good," encapsulates LG's message of providing its customers with a better quality of life through its products and services. As part of the brand identity refresh, LG has redesigned the look of this tagline to use it more prominently on its product packaging. This highlights the company's commitment to making its customers' lives more enjoyable and meaningful.

Innovation for a better life and a sustainable future

As part of its mission, LG focuses on "Innovation for a Better Life," seeking to contribute to the creation of a brighter future for both people and the planet. The rebranding reflects this commitment, aligning LG's image with its goal of improving people's lives through human-centered innovation. From electronic devices to smart home solutions and sustainable technologies, LG is driving positive change in the world.

LG is renewed for an inspiring future

The renewal of LG's brand identity represents not only an aesthetic change, but also a strategic approach to adapt to new generations and technologies. By focusing on Generation Z and all types of consumers, LG reaffirms its status as an iconic brand and is committed to providing an uncompromising customer experience.

With its motto "Life's Good" and its focus on human-centered innovation, LG strives to improve people's quality of life and contribute to a more sustainable future. Through the renewal of its brand identity, LG is positioning itself as an inspiring and constantly evolving brand to face the challenges and opportunities of the Moderna world.

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