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IKEA designs product descriptions so that aliens can understand them

"In case aliens move to our planet, we want to help them build their new dream home easily on Earth."

Official sources estimate more than 140 UFO sightings, data that the Swedish brand transfers to its new campaign to teach consumers from another planet to assemble their own furniture.

For IKEA, the existence of creatures from other planets is entirely possible, and they transferred that idea to their new campaign based on a report on UFOs that the U.S. military has seen in recent years. In total, there have been more than 140 sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) since 2004, although so far there have been "no clear signs" that extraterrestrials have visited our planet.

However, the Swedish brand decided to get down to work so as not to be surprised by some unexpected visits from extraterrestrials who, according to them, would be very interested in acquiring the brand's products.

In this regard, together with the agency Memac Ogilvy Dubai, they translated for the event the assembly manuals of some of the Swedish brand's most recognizable products, such as the BRIMNES bed or the POÄNG armchair, for the "Alien" audience.

As such, the manual follows the same graphic style as the human instructions, but includes some useful tips for aliens, such as warnings against hijacking your spaceship or transporting your newly purchased furniture.

"In case the aliens move to our planet, we want to help them build their new dream home easily on Earth," IKEA explains. "We have developed a special range of furniture assembly manuals in the aliens' native language and in true IKEA style, so they can easily understand and assemble IKEA's most popular furnishing solutions."

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