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For Halloween, Heinz is introducing a new mayonnaise called "Black Garlic Mayo."

"We at Heinz are spookily excited about the launch of our devilishly delicious Black Garlic Mayo."

The product is a vegan substitute for regular mayonnaise. The hue of Heinz black mayonnaise is due to the black garlic it includes, and its flavor is described as spicy and sugary.

Every year it is common to observe how companies take advantage of the Halloween fad to introduce new products or services during the month of October. This is the case of the limited edition of black garlic mayonnaise that the Heinz company has just introduced as a new product.

To carry out this type of marketing, brands take into account Mother's Day, Christmas, Black Friday/Buen Fin, Day of the Dead and Halloween, among other interesting events, in order to maximize corporate revenues.

The new Heinz product for Halloween

The product, called Black Garlic Mayo, is a limited edition from the seasoning brand created solely to add to the season of terror in 2022.

"At Heinz we are spookily excited about the launch of our fiendishly delicious Black Garlic Mayo, and we want our fans to experience our latest creation this Halloween. It's so good even vampires won't be able to resist it," said Hannah Winterbourne, Senior Heinz Comms & Brand Build Manager, Heinz International.

The brand has also stated that it will combine its vegan mayonnaise with a special touch to accompany appetizers on Halloween night.

But that's not the end of the brand's marketing initiatives for Halloween, as it will also open a pop-up store in Romania, specifically in the house of Count Dracula, the most famous vampire.

The location will be in the forest of Boldu-Creteasca, and will open on October 31 at midnight.

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